TIPH Global Virtual Showcase: Session III

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Monday, June 10 9:00 – 10:00 AM ED (USA)

The Global Network for Academic Public Health (GNAPH) is hosting a multi-webinar event to showcase the work completed by the second cohort of the This Is Public Health (TIPH) Global Grant Program. The 2023 – 2024 period awarded grants to twelve institutions from ten countries, which produced an impressive range of timely projects seeking to enhance the visibility, capacity, and impact of public health around the world through innovative and engaging approaches. These projects focused on issues from human illness – cancer, malnutrition, infectious disease, and antimicrobial resistance – to societal challenges like tobacco use among youth, civil conflict and migration, and climate change, as well as topics relevant to the development of public health as a field, such as career guidance, competencies, and capacity-building. Read the project descriptions and midterm updates here.

In this session of the Virtual Showcase, you can hear about the following projects and have a chance to engage with the grantees about their work:

University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland Infectious disease competencies

University of Belgrade, Serbia Public health cinema

Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP), University of Granada (UGR), Spain Antimicrobial resistance

Medical University of Gdansk, Poland Everyday life in the face of war